Kayne (voodoolayla) wrote in guan_yu,

never ask of people that wich you would never do your self

my first boss said that to me
and when i became a boss i said that to my very own employees when i would do work and not ask them to do it altho it was vile and stupid
i said yeh one day i might not want to do this discusting crap and then yeh i will ask you to lol and eventuly i did

the point of that is i ask people to post in here for help or to help outhers and i will now show my colors by doing so my self!

i had this friend i loved her very very much however because she kept hurting me i had to let her go after years and years i wrote a letter in my persnoal journal to her but i will never give it to her or anyone i just wrote it to get my feeligns out
thats why i like the journals :) get them feelins out no one ever has to see what you write eather :)
now my problem is this
after i called her and said i dont' want you to hurt me anymore and all that garbage
i figured it was done she had no wish to call me or anything
however i was wrong last night and tonight she called me
this has haponed before she clamed she would call me untill we fixed the problem
but wheni said ok you win lets fix this she would ingnore me or tell meshe didn't have time and went back to her old ways of everything i do is wrong
hence why i should not trust what she is doing
i know every part of me knows better then to call her back
beacuse it will do no good or she just wants to take another shot
maybe one last shot to finnish me off? (i get really suspious of people sometimes who have hurt me in thepast)
i finaly feel better after i let her go but theres a huge hole in me that she used to fill
and i want that hole filled so eh i have no idea what i wish do to about her

:) i am not expecting any soultions really i just wanted to share with all :)
type what ever posts you feel like typeing in the comunitiy by the way it dosen't have to be all doom and gloom it could be hapy too :)
anything you want what ever your heart dizires

now seeing as i can't welcome this member threw comments in jouranls
kain82 glad to see you
oomazzo i am sure i got ya earlyer in comments muchos hugs again
maybe im dying ;) ehugs
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