Kayne (voodoolayla) wrote in guan_yu,

Gods Of War standing tall

this is our first post
alow me to tell you about my self and more why i started this comunity

i have had alot of bad hapon to me recently and wheni stood up "frieinds" would knock me back down there uncareing ways would only hurt more these same people i did no less then save alot of there lives

i started to see this kind of crule you do for me and i nothing for you action in other people seeing more and more good people getting hurt
i have had it

this comunity will stand true to its name those who need help of any kind for any problem will find careing here

the theroy is those who are introble will get a flood of love and careing form everyone else around them even if its just one responce that says hay i care i wnat to give you atleast five min becasue you are worth it :)

i no longer wish anyone else to go threw what i had to endure
let begin the new day

as the mod i will be availbe to anyone at anytime i can be for talking online i have three types of messanger yahoo msn and aol ask for screen names and you shall recive them
use the email on the info page if you need to or for a qucker result
my email is kayne5150@hotmail.com i will get those right away and answer them as i get them the guanyu acount i will check often :)
so there thats my contact info if needed
i will put this post in memorys so my contact info can be gotten at anytime
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