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Some fucked up shit... (part 2)

Well today was the day I told Mom about grandma (her mom). "That's fine with me. I have NOOOO problem with that", That was her exact quote... WTF man, How can two people hate each other soooo much. I not trying to sound like I'm in a high pesistal or anything, BUT FUCKERS LIKE THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I STAY AWAY FROM... but I can't. These fuckers are family. I'm so pissed off right now. If they never say goodbye, their will be aftermath to that. Both on a physical and spiritual level. :.( What to do, What to do.... How can I come from THIS family. I am so opposite from these people. I try to help those around me (and sometimes I try too hard, like with my x). They (my family) are so self centered... Well I guess I was too at one time... But I would never 'Hate' someone. That takes too much energy and time from me. I dunno what to do...

Well my grandma has until Friday to decide what she's gonna do. I assume she has a few options. I wasn't given any details. Ya know... I'm starting to wonder if this is another twisted joke by grandma. I'm gonna feel bad for saying that but I do wonder. My grandma is very devious, but what can she earn from this.... she's played with mom before. She (grandma) tried to win us kids. She failed.

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